Beck & Huber combines wealth of experience and talent in architecture, decorating, antiques, art, and installations to produce highly embellished, distinctly layered spaces that are as joyful as they are visually complex.

Beck & Huber is the high-end architecture, interior, outdoor & garden design initiative of Fijishi.

We often look to the past as a way of looking forward; edifying and extracting the best of design and art from every decade, often taking things seemingly out of fashion, and recontextualizing in a modern spin.

Beck & Huber have found its two points of view beneficially complementary, with each slant refining and expanding our work. Our design ethos is simple: It must be desired.

With architecture, art decor flair and mirrors galore, we are making homes shine.


Our perspective has given us the opportunity to contribute to a wide range of projects, from a mid-century masterpiece to a layered Beach fantasy. We strive for intelligent choices, excellent service, and unique, rarefied design. We listen carefully to the needs of our patron but are not yes-sir/ mam and will speak up if we feel a mistake is being made.

Above all, we trust our gut sense of design and use that as a guiding light to make the best choices both economically and stylistically. Our design process includes communication, comparisons, contrasts, transparency, humor, and laughter along the way. We understand that what we do is a great privilege and have a deep respect for our clients, who care greatly about the dying art form of living in beautifully considered homes. This trust is everything to us, and we do everything possible to honor this bond.

Worldly Sophistication

There’s a worldly sophistication to Beck & Huber’s architecture & interiors, courtesy of gestures like an antique tapestry hung behind a ’70s sofa, or a client’s collected treasures placed seamlessly into a contemporary interior.

We happily personalize each space for our users—whether they’re adults, kids, or in-betweens—so that their homes tell their collective stories.


Traditional Styles

Our ability to mix contemporary and traditional styles comes thanks in part to our many collaborations with talented artisans and craftspeople.

Our background in fashion has informed a sharp eye for detail, as well as for jewelry-like lighting fixtures that embellish our architecture & interior with the same sparkle as earrings or a brooch would an outfit.

Decadent Details

Why not install a mirror on top of a mirror?! We aren’t afraid to break the rules, and use fun quirks and unexpected gestures across our richly decorated architecture to prove that design can be sophisticated and whimsical at the same time.

We use clean lines, symmetrical placements, and carefully chosen, decadent details to create satisfyingly composed spaces—both indoors and outdoors.

Modern Perspective

Built on a traditional aesthetic with a modern perspective, we combine deep creativity with technical ability and an exactly-what-you-need approach.

The team nurtures clients’ visions into down-to-earth, effortless interiors that live and breathe with them—spaces that are refined, livable, and timeless.

We have developed a central belief with design: Go the extra mile, have fun, push boundaries, get creative, and create something unexpected! We strongly believe in layering, creating depth and a story. Each space has its own boundaries and needs. “It’s about homing in and listening to a space, learning what it wants”.

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