Braun & Bauer have the mission of contributing to a higher level of gracious living for those who are touched by our products and services. The brand offers life-enhancing product solutions. Every product is based on the brand values of quality, technology, design and sustainability.

Braun & Bauer is a high-end bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings initiative from Fijishi and has been part of the strong brand portfolio of Fijishi.

Clay, feldspar, flint, quartz sand, glass, enameled cast iron, brass — these are just some of the high-quality materials that Braun & Bauer artisans transform into stunning works of functional art.

Through a balance of large-scale processes and handcrafted detailing, every Braun & Bauer product is manufactured at a single level of impeccable quality.

Braun & Bauer is a high-end provider for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. It has been part of the strong brand portfolio of Fijishi. Every product is based on the brand values of quality, technology, design and sustainability.


Braun & Bauer offers life-enhancing product solutions as well as services with its dedicated portfolios. All cater to the specific needs of Braun & Bauer’s professional and differentiated target groups. With water at the core of its business, Braun & Bauer contributes to it’s Impact Strategy with a resource-saving value chain: from CO2-neutral production, the removal of unnecessary plastic in the product packaging, all the way to water- and energy-saving product technologies such as water-recirculating shower.

Contemporary lifestyles have been driving us to be at the top of our game. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from sanitaryware, faucets and tiles to wellness solutions like high-end showers, steam cubicles, whirlpools, and more. Every product is a design marvel resulting from advanced technology combined with innovative processes.

Our commitment to technology lends us a competitive advantage that’s unparalleled. Since inception, we have invested in state-of-the-art studios to achieve the highest standards of quality. From manufacturing precision to that impeccable body finish, our artisans ensure every product meets Braun & Bauer’s quality level.

We achieve this by incorporating latest technologies like 3D prototype printer, fully automatic chrome plating, robotic grinding and polishing machine, robotic glazing machine and pressure casting machine at our faucets and sanitaryware manufacturing factories.

Innovation is at the core of all our home solutions. We use natural gas – the purest fuel that gives extra sheen on products.

Our endeavour is to provide complete home solutions that are ahead of their time. We achieve this with relentless innovation leading to a host of game changers in the segment. Braun & Bauer’s commitment to sustainable growth reflects since its inception.

Perfectionism Inspires Customer Confidence

We strive for an excellence that goes way beyond the surface of our products. In fact, from design to production and customer service we aim for nothing less than perfection at every stage.

Our history of great engineering, rigorous internal tests and numerous external certification processes are what gives our customers complete confidence in a name they can trust.

Mastering Water Through Technology

In our relentless search for technological innovation we work to integrate the latest digital advances, creating smart solutions that enhance our customers’ enjoyment of water.

Our in-house experts harness the power of water to enhance the experience of our customers every day – the moment of truth, for our products and brand.

Signature Elements Styled To Perfection

An empathetic and intuitive design language offers us the opportunity to create products that feel as if they were designed just for you.

This unique Braun & Bauer DNA that is both ergonomic and visually distinctive has earned us respect: world class references are testimony to our world-wide recognition.

Ensuring Water Enjoyment

Water is as essential as the air that we breathe, one more reason why we are so passionate about it.

To be able to offer high-end products, not just to today’s consumer but for generations to come, we offer sustainable product solutions and we demonstrate through our Sustainability Report and accolades that we have made a serious commitment to protecting the planet.

Life-giving, universal, joyful – water itself is the source of inspiration for the whole of our distinctive product portfolio. Each of these products is always based on our four core values: Quality, Technology, Design and Sustainability. Balancing these in everything we do, allows us to deliver unrivalled water enjoyment to our customers.

Thanks to the hybrid communication ecosystem Braun & Bauer provides further impulses for the industry. Whether digitally on the brand experience hub, physically or hybrid, it connects people to contribute to Braun & Bauer’s purpose to “make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere”.

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