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Erode Street is the high-end retail initiative of Fijishi and is central to the organisation’s consumer facing businesses.

Erode Street is one of the prestigious and iconic high-end fashion houses in the world. The name carries a sense of heritage, craftsmanship, and exclusivity that appeals to luxury consumers.

Erode Street. is a prestigious high-end luxury fashion house known for its haute couture, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and maker of luxury soft furnishing fabrics.

Erode Street is the high-end retail initiative of Fijishi and is central to the organisation’s consumer facing businesses.


Erode Street. maintains a strong focus on exceptional quality and craftsmanship. We utilize premium materials, employ highly skilled artisans, and implement meticulous manufacturing processes. The attention to detail and commitment to superior craftsmanship contribute to the uniqueness of products.

Everyday our weavers & artisans create high quality fabrics around the world. We are proud to understand the aesthetic sensibilities of every country that we touch. We are today the choice for fine quality clothes, premier furniture and furnishing makers around the world.

We are defined by our commitment to excellence and our passion to bring to life visions that meld expertise with art. Today, Erode Street has evolved beyond clothes, curtains and upholstery to provide a whole range of fabric categories including bed & bath, blinds, wallpapers and rugs. Erode Street enjoys a strong postion in its category, with a strong presence and a wide network of supply chain, and our e-commerce platform.

Design Capabilities

Innovation and customization are our biggest strengths.

Our continuous efforts and investment in new colors, design trends, substrates, weaves and finishes, provide customers with a wide variety of contemporary products to choose.

Our customers are spoilt for choice each year. We have CAD stations which convert the work of our team as electronic input to our computer aided manufacturing.

Language Of Fabrics

From stunning solids and intriguing textures, to intricate jacquards and lush velvets, our fabrics are capable of uplifting any space from a downtown loft in Paris or a penthouse in Monaco.

Proficiency in digital printing, mastery in embroidery, and expertise in multi-technique fabrics that include foil prints, lurex, printed velvets and weaves, helps us create fabrics.

Whether you have kids, pets, or simply want a low-maintenance option, our fabrics are both child and pet-friendly, while also being highly durable and long-lasting. Say goodbye to stains and frequent replacements – our fabrics will make your life easier and more comfortable.

Easy Clean

A functional yet stylish range of spill & stain resistant fabrics with a special hydrophobic coating that makes most liquids bead up like water on a lotus leaf which can easily roll off.

Its stain release technology makes cleaning extremely effortless. It can easily tackle household stains like coffee, tea, ketchup, ink, oil, wine, water, etc. and erase all evidence of any kind of stain in no time!

Our fabrics are a high performance & durable with optimum washability and easy clean-ability, which keeps your upholstery chic and fresh as new, for long.

Indoor Outdoor

Our indoor-outdoor fabric is the ultimate combination of style and practicality, perfect for any space that requires a durable and versatile fabric solution.

With its superior resistance to fading, mildew, and moisture, its tough fibers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use, while its chic designs and color options make it a stylish addition to any outdoor or indoor space.

Our Weavers and Artisans represent the dynamic forces that shape the past, present and future of Erode Street. Visionaries, innovators and leaders are just some of the many roles they straddle with ease. Together, they form Erode Street’s pillars of strength, a rock-solid foundation that has held strong for years.

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