The push toward new venture strategy came when we realised to address customer needs that has not previously served, seeking either to enter new markets or to sell dramatically different products in existing markets.

For Fijishi with layers of detailed control systems, our ventures offer special promise of recapturing vital spark of customer energy.

There is comfort and dignity in all forms of labor, but the driving force behind hard work is that gleam, hidden behind the grind of a regular workday, of carving name in the sands of success.

Fijishi Ventures.
Started as a strategic vehicle to drive the startup ecosystem.

A startup initiative

To Build Resilience

We aim to provide consumers with tailored end-to-end experiences. While business potential and financial viability are important factors to consider when making investment decisions, equally we emphasize close commercial with the initiatives we invest in.

Engineering & Construction
–  Beck & Huber

–  Eru Odai

–  Braun & Bauer

–  FE High School

Food & Beverage
–  Hampi Cafe
–  Erode Cafe

Jewels & Gems
–  Ellora Jewels

To innovate, we rely on the alchemy between our internal competency, innovators, researchers, designers, and technologists. Thanks to our internal culture of openness and experimentation and our culture of collaboration with customers, we aim at unlocking new opportunities. By addressing consumer’ current and future needs and treating their pain points we intend to create value for them. Innovation is part of Fijishi DNA since its creation. Innovation is, by nature, full of uncertainties and ever-changing. We all know that everything we took from granted can be challenged one day from another. That’s why, we need to focus on innovations that will stand the test of time; innovations that will deliver value to our customers. We want to explore and create breakthrough and sustainable solutions that will empower and delight buyers, ensuring them a safe and stress-less shopping.

Incubating new

Through our internal business incubator, we build the next generation of businesses that will shape the future of buying.

Nurturing an

Growing and nurturing an ecosystem of innovative experiences to foster open innovation, enrich our value proposition and capture ecosystem value.

Exploring emerging

Harnessing the explosion of digital data and computational power, to better understand consumer and their behaviors.


We identify, and grow transformational ideas to turn them into value to shape the consumer experience today and tomorrow.

Mobilizing All The Resources

We look for gaps that persists, and we aim at delivering next generation experience that improves the consumer experience. Buying is about emotion. We are addressing consumer’ needs, to offer them more relevant choices, autonomy, and transparency.

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