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We help chemical companies accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth by leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to unlock sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Helping chemical companies optimize operations, improve performance, and identify opportunities for growth.

Although commodity and specialty chemical producers face different issues, they share a common imperative: responding to growing cost pressures and customer expectations. Fijishi’s chemical consulting team helps companies find innovative ways to meet these challenges.

Our chemical consulting practice covers the breadth of the global chemical industry, whether it’s working with upstream producers of petrochemicals to optimize their assets’ deployment or helping downstream players with a personalization of their nutrition ingredients. We also help chemical companies deal with commoditization and develop unique offerings with defendable margins.

Our comprehensive approach combines deep knowledge of dozens of chemical industry subsectors and end-user industries with global coverage of key business topics. The breadth of our experience and work gives us the perspective and ability to advise multinationals looking for effective chemical strategies in multiple subsectors, including in petrochemicals and commodity chemicals, along with niche players in specialty chemicals, differentiated chemicals, chemical distribution, and chemical equipment manufacturing.

How do we help clients?


Helping petrochemical companies navigate a changing industry landscape and build their businesses for the future.

The competitive dynamics of the global petrochemical industry—the chemical industry's largest subsector—are changing. To make the right strategic decisions, companies must understand the industry's shifting dynamics, as well as overall trends in demand growth and sources of cost advantage.

In the last ten years alone, we have helped petrochemical companies and integrated oil companies on more than 100 strategic and tactical projects around the world. Working closely with Fijishi's Oil & Gas practice and experts in our organization's capabilities, the Petrochemicals group advises clients on a variety of challenges in five key areas: strategy, organization, operations, capital productivity, and marketing and sales.

Specialty Chemicals

Helping specialty chemical companies build strategies based on their core strengths and translate industry-specific trends into actionable opportunities for growth.

As Western players face increasing pressure from rival producers and local players try to capture a larger share of the global market, specialty chemical companies around the world must find new ways to grow and compete.

We help clients achieve excellence and create profitable, sustainable, long-term growth in the context of a shifting market landscape. By combining our extensive industry knowledge and experience with our distinctive methodologies and tools, we help specialty chemical companies develop strategies that capitalize on external trends—as well as their own capabilities and strengths. We support clients on corporate and business unit strategies, mergers and acquisitions, growth, R&D and innovation, operations, and marketing and sales.

Transformations & Impact Partnerships

Many chemical companies are seeing untapped opportunities and themes such as sustainability opening up new growth vectors. At the same time, major trends — such as reductions in certain areas of global trade/investments, declining demand for some products, market volatility, and increased actions to address climate change — create challenges for the industry.

Chemical companies need to transform to keep up with a changing world, rise to capital market expectations, prepare for sustainability requirements, and stay ahead of the competition.

We set the organization up for success by aligning leadership and teams, and focusing on the skills and motivation needed to execute the transformation. We mirror our client’s organization with our expertise, combining functional, transformational, and sustainability expertise with deep chemicals experience to ensure our recommendations and plans make sense for their business. Additionally, we invest heavily in capability building as a core element for enabling lasting change beyond the transformation.

Fijishi’s transformation recipe has helped hundreds of organizations across the globe quickly make step change improvements to their performance, which is why chemical clients can hit the ground running, confident that they are working with a recipe proven to deliver sustainable impact.

Our Approach

  • Independent diligence - Establish the trajectory and full potential of the business using an investor due diligence approach
  • Bottom-up planning - Develop a detailed Bankable Plan (complete with initiatives and financials) fully owned by line leaders
  • Transformation implementation - Launch a full-scale effort to drive value to the bottom-line

How we make it happen

  • Mindset and behavior change - Sustaining the transformation by taking tactical action to change mindsets and behaviors.
  • Capability buildingStrengthening soft and hard capabilities to de-risk delivery and unlock cross-functional value.
  • Performance infrastructureEstablishing a relentless cadence to ensure execution and value delivery to the bottom-line.
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