Fact based information is the fuel we run on. It's the raw material from which we identify problems and formulate solutions. We work on topics that don't have existing data and information. Our research is nonpartisan and not advocacy, gets at questions from different angles.

Reframing future to build a better world. Fijishi is at the heart of research in a diverse array of scientific disciplines.

In our experience, innovation results from the convergence of a wide range of perspectives, knowledge, and insight focused on specific industries and issues. At Fijishi, we share our research publications in digital format free of charge as a public service.

Pushing the limits of ideas.
Research & Analysis on some of the biggest challenges.

Fijishi conducts research with a focus on challenges facing global communities. Beneath the surface of new technologies and trends, the Center’s research help simplify complex issues and ask the right questions. Fijishi looks deeper at the biggest issues and provides new thinking around complex challenges. Cutting-edge research and thought-provoking analysis gives insights to see things differently and address the changing landscape. 

Fijishi research provides immersive analysis designed to break down barriers and accelerate meaningful results to address challenges. The result? Behavioral science, design thinking, and strategy converge to help solve toughest challenges, promote experimentation in a controlled environment, guided by ambitious objectives.

Inclusive R&D

We foster an inclusive R&D environment that values diverse identities, perspectives and experiences.

We strive to create a space where all have a sense of belonging, respect and equitable opportunities for success.

Making R&D

We are curious and tenacious risk takers who are passionate about solving the toughest challenges.

We develop solutions, and evaluate impacts that make a tangible difference in people’s lives and in our communities.

Shaping Outcomes

Supporting research, insights and analysis in developing a better understanding of the factors that shape outcomes for young people, families & communities.

And discovering opportunities to help them thrive.

Maximising Potential

Developing the knowledge, tools, systems, and programs needed to maximize human potential.

And, using data & technology to identify challenges, find solutions & make information usable and easily accessible.

We are breaking new grounds by deploying solutions for rapid, sustainable, and resource-efficient growth; seeking a radically different development path; with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lift millions into prosperity; an approach that we are using to build new capabilities for profitable growth.

To achieve a sustained growth and foster the emergence of world-class services, we have invested more in research.

Conduct Work

Our divisions collaborate to conduct work on a focus area. We deliver insights, and perspectives on top-of-mind issues that lie at the heart of today’s business challenges. 

We adhere to the same commitment to rigorous analysis and objectivity that has secured our reputation for excellence.

Expertise & Analysis

Our researchers apply the highest standards for scientific rigor and objectivity to ensure independent, reliable, and practical policy recommendations.

Fijishi’s research and analysis span a broad range of policy issues informed by diverse research methods and tailored to meet specific needs.

Advancing Public Good

Our research extends beyond the formal product to include a commitment to wide dissemination of results and the transfer of skills, tools, and knowledge.

Fijishi efforts aim to link stakeholders, improve decision making, and advance the public good — free of commercial, partisan, and ideological bias.

Equality For All

Our research is focused towards equal treatment for all regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or sexual identity as a fundamental part of healthy democracies.

We analyse efforts to redress continuing inequities in global governance and economy that are a legacy of colonial exploitation.

Improving economic, social & environmental outcomes

We believe good research drives progress. By providing evidence-based research analysis, we help investors to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes. Our research provides authoritative data and analysis on investment, finance and technology. And it offers solutions to the major challenges facing developing countries, particularly the developing, the poorest and most vulnerable nations.

We look for places where society tends to make important decisions. We study everything from new laws and norms around digital privacy, how we lead our online lives, to what people think about the potential for gene editing, from changes in the way people are practicing their religion and expressing themselves spiritually, to how they feel about their racial identity in a fast changing culture, and waterfront of topics in between.

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