Consumers are buying into purpose, transparency, and innovation now more than ever. They are buying into better. The Agriculture; The Automotive; Consumer Products; Retail; and Transportation, Banks, Hospitality & Services brands that want to thrive are buying into better, too—the kind Fijishi provides.

On the frontlines of innovation, changing the world every day, we are on a mission to illuminate the possibilities.

We’re fusing purpose to profit & measuring future viability against disruption. All to create a future as rewarding as it is sustainable.

Sustainability & profitability can coexist.

We’re rolling up our sleeves alongside the world’s most innovative companies to solve humanity’s most pressing challenges.

We’re on a mission to illuminate possibility.

We believe every business has a responsibility to address climate change. And we’re not leaving anyone who wants in behind.

Net-zero tomorrow demands all-in today.

Fijishi isn't owned by public shareholders. It's owned by the people who invest in our portfolio. Our owners have access to personalized advice, high-quality investments, and relevant market insights that help you build a future.

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Our Sustainable Models

Becoming The
Vectors Of Growth

In an endeavour towards our vision of the sustainable winning leap we are finding creative solutions to some of world’s most persistent problems. As the world transforms, our businesses are becoming vectors of growth, and not weights slowing the humanity’ rise.

Serving Informed
And Empowered Customers

As information grows in both access & volume, we are more able to apply this information in our decision making.

We are providing more value from our products and services including quality & convenience.

We are helping companies rethink their business models and competitive strategies to profitably serve their customers.

Creating Flexible
And Adaptive Operating Models

To reach the more demanding customers, we are helping companies in building new kinds of operating models.

Such as asset‐light models; experimenting with unconventional logistics, finance, sales and distribution channels.

And leveraging next-gen in-house technologies in new and creative ways.

Drawing On Non-Traditional Resources And Partnerships

To acquire or build capabilities needed to drive the future growth, we are importing knowledge, building CoEs and developing next-gen in-house technologies through strategic models.

Such as licensing and forge partnerships with the  public, private, government and social‐sector organisations.

Adopting A Growth
And Innovation

We are weaving a commitment to growth into companies corporate DNA by fostering company-wide awareness of consumers’ needs, investing enough in R&D.

And unlocking entrenched organisational structures and attitudes that are inhospitable to new solutions, new business models, and new approaches.

We are breaking new grounds by deploying solutions for rapid, sustainable, and resource-efficient growth; seeking a radically different development path; with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lift millions into prosperity; an approach that we are using to build new capabilities for profitable growth.

To achieve a sustained growth and foster the emergence of world-class services, we have invested more in research.

We are at a pivotal moment & going it alone isn’t going to work. We’re helping to convene brilliant minds across our ecosystem to amplify ideas & solutions.

No problem is unsolvable.

From power & renewables, to manufacturing-each sector is vital to our lives today. Each one has a role to play in building a sustainable planet for us all.

Every industry is indispensable.

Going it alone isn’t going to work. We’ve assembled some of the brightest minds, often with diverse points of view, to broaden our perspective.

More minds, more possibilities.

On a mission to give clients the best chance for investment success across the globe. Our unique, investor-owned structure keeps us focused on your needs first. Your goals are always our goals.

You're in good company.
Our number one goal is to help you reach yours.

Innovating Under-Penetrated Areas In

Solving Problems
Across The Sectors

Our work have made us grow across multiple sectors and population segments. The sectors are interlinked: growth for one enables growth for others. We call these multiple ambitions – sectors for growth. Learn More about other under-penetrated sectors where Fijishi is bringing change.

Financial Services

Our branchless banking and non-banking channel solutions are helping save 30% of infrastructure investment.

Our financial services envisions expanding the percentage of people who have access to financial services from 35% to 90% in 2035.


We are enabling a universal healthcare access through Fijishi Healthcare; helping save at an average US$90 billion in capital costs.

Our solutions are improving resource efficiency and rapidly expanding access to health services.

Power & Natural Gas

Fijishi Power is automating information communications and reducing losses.

Ultimately saving an average US$200 billion in capital outlays across power transmission, and distribution; enabling green outcomes with a level of control, and demand planning.


Under Fijishi Education our technology enabled solutions and adoption of the public–private partnership model are helping save US$165 billion in investments & infrastructure.

Ultimately resulting reductions in dropout rates and greater enrolment in upper secondary education.

Empowering you to put the customer at the center of everything you do: your leadership strategy, and operations. We give business leaders the confidence to put bold into action, shaping and guiding how to navigate today's unprecedented change.

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With no other parties to answer to and therefore no conflicting loyalties, Fijishi makes decisions, including the decision to keep investing costs as low as possible, with your interests in mind.

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Investing in Next-Gen Technology In

Taking The
Right Sub-Leaps

We are building next-gen technology solutions and servicing with traditional approaches to surmount challenges at an accelerated pace creating an entirely new method of business model and technology. Learn More about our technology frameworks and solutions bringing change.


Our next-gen digital products and solutions addresses the needs of a wide range of customers, including elderly individuals, women, and people running or working in SMEs.

To make this happen, we have designed significant supply- and demand-side interventions.


There’s an inverse relationship between logistics costs as a percent of GDP and the share of 3PL in the logistics market.

We are providing next-gen logistics and supply-chain solutions across functions such as transportation, warehousing, and inventory management.

& Development

To realise our vision, we are viewing many economic and social challenges as opportunities for growth and renewal.

With this perspective in mind, we have invested in R&D to capture performance in industries that, together, constitute an average of 70% of global GDP.

of Concept

To drive rapid growth required for future sustainable solutions.

We are aligning the top managements and boards to make everyone accountable for growth, embed integrity into their organisational culture, and uphold sustainability and social impact as core values of the organisation.

Explore our 2024 conference schedule and join us to explore emerging trends, accelerate learning and guide near-term decisions with a combination of actionable, objective insights, expert guidance and consultation, peer networking, and solution provider assessment.

Conference Calendar 2024

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