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Our way of engagement helps us build and scale faster. This enables us to bring the 'T' back into IT, with T standing not just for technology, but also for transformation combined with a strong understanding of your business domain.

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Guided by Fijishi Bottom-2-Top approach, we create hyper-personalized experiences and drive customer-centric transformation.

Our cross-functional teams are focused on evolving our next-generation offerings. At Fijishi, engineering is in our DNA. We lead with design and architecture to deliver a portfolio of next-generation offerings and services that blend our deep domain expertise with cutting-edge technology. Our domain contextualized offerings are embedded in deep tech.

The Technology Business Unit of Fijishi is focused on transforming organizations globally by unlocking the potential of Next-Gen Artificial Intelligence (NGenAI). We empower businesses to responsibly leverage the best of NGenAI, drive growth and sharpen their competitive edge. Fijishi ‘platform-and-solution’ approach enables enterprises to increase productivity, reduce time-to-market and while driving innovation of the Contact Center, IT Operations, Business Operations and Experience.

We know the role of technology in long-term business success. Our immersive NGenAI across e-commerce, omnichannel interactions, and digital marketing—using automation, AI, blockchain, and IP-driven product engineering—ensures that end users are willing to pay more and increase loyalty for the brands we partner. We reimagine Enterprise Application Management (EAM) using intelligent tools, real-time data, and analytics to keep our clients ahead of the curve. Our focus on minimizing disruptions and continuously identifying new opportunities helps improve user experience, drive agility, and meet emerging business needs.

How do we help Insurance clients?

Fijishi Claims Fraud Detection

Fijishi Claims Fraud Detection (CFD) for P&C Insurers is focused specifically on the needs of Insurers, enabling them to stop claims fraud and make fast, fair, and accurate decisions.

Claims fraud costs insurers $308 billion a year. Let’s fix that. From opportunistic individual fraud to organized networks, insurers face an array of claims fraud efforts. Fijishi Claims Fraud Detection (CFD) enables insurers to find more fraud, empowers investigators, and improves insurers’ loss ratios.

Increase impact by more than 34% with external - Insurers know that better data means better fraud decisions. Partnering with Fijishi provides access to the best external data sources, delivering over a third increase in fraud stopped.

  • Global data approach - We identify and integrate the best local data sources across the globe to create maximum tailored impact.
  • Pre-built integration - Our AI is pre-configured to incorporate Fijishi Data Partners through one single entry point.
  • Strategic partnership strategy - CFD deliver the most value and is included in delivery and has dedicated experts to support ongoing growth.
  • Grow hit rate 3x or more - Our powerful AI provides impact across the claims fraud lifecycle through data processing, machine learning, document analysis, and advanced network detection.
  • AI made for insurance fraud - Advanced AI resulting in industry leading hit rates. Capabilities include entity resolution, unstructured text analysis, document analysis, image analysis, and more.
  • Globally tailored scenarios - Evolving library of localized fraud scenarios that are built using a combination of methods including machine learning, AI, and anomaly detection.
  • Continuous learning - True AI and Machine Learning. Each case successfully investigated becomes a new piece of information to make CFD’s insurance fraud detection even better.
  • Accelerate investigation cycle 4x - CFD’s UI provides clear context for accelerated and more efficient investigations.
  • Case management - Gain insight and reduce investigation time through enhanced and streamlined workflow management to understand the what and the why behind alerts.
  • Network analysis - Fraud networks are automatically and proactively detected with powerful graph analysis algorithms leading to faster, more accurate identification.
  • KPIs & reporting - Ability to analyze and monitor program performance with on-demand and customizable dashboards.
Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection

Detect Hidden Policy Risk and Fraud with AI focused specifically on the needs of Insurers, enabling them to stop policy fraud and make fast, fair, and accurate Underwriting decisions. Customers expect a quick and easy insurance experience. Don’t let fraud and risk slow you down.

  • Powerful AI to detect complex risk - Our robust and continually learning AI provides impact across the policy lifecycle. Whether premium leakage or policy hijacking, ghost broking or fraud networks, Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection enables insurers to find more risk and fraud.
  • Entity resolution - Uncover the hidden history and connections between policyholders, both past and present, to reveal prior claims and fraud.
  • Network detection - Fraud networks are automatically and proactively detected with powerful graph analysis algorithms for ghost broking and more.
  • Agent gaming - Analyze patterns of risk and fraud originating from agents and brokers, such as blanket discounting.
  • Detection for each policy decision - Winning new policyholders is the name of the game, but unseen fraud and risk stand in the way of lasting growth. Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection’s AI is ready to identify risk and fraud at each critical Underwriting decision point.
  • Pre-bind - Review applications for risk in real-time, with alerts and 100% explainability of detected risk sent directly to our client’s policy core systems via API.
  • New business - Daily analysis with complete context and investigational resources, such as network analysis and mapping visualization.
  • Policy-in-force - Alerts on policy changes intended for misrepresentation or fraud during endorsements and renewal.
  • Unified data to see more risk - Insurers know that better data means better fraud decisions. Partnering with Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection provides access to the best external data sources and the expertise to integrate with both policy and claims data to identify hidden risk.
  • Global data approach - We identify and integrate the best local data sources across the globe, including government records, business reviews, and more.
  • Pre-built integration - Our AI is pre-configured to incorporate Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection Data Partners through one single entry point.
  • Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection maps insurer data - Fijishi Underwriting Risk Detection takes on the resource-intensive work of mapping insurer data for our clients, resulting in a single, unified data set for risk detection.
Fijishi Financial Crime Detection

Avoid Costly Fines and Reputational Damage, Support AML, KYC, and related risk management & compliance processes with an automated, AI-powered solution. In the US, $300B is laundered annually. Fijishi Financial Crime Detection can help. We help insurers accelerate entity identification and checks against sanctions, watchlists, adverse media, and suspicious transactions, defeating bad actors and ensuring regulatory compliance in real time.

  • Comply efficiently, accelerating buyer journeys - Necessary checks and regulatory reporting can delay the buying process. Fijishi Financial Crime Detection enables insurers to automate time-intensive tasks to get more customers on board quicker.
  • Reduce false positives and save wasted time - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection's best-in-class entity resolution minimizes false positives through deduplication and data cleansing.
  • Configurable sanctions and WLM to focus checks - Customize screening algorithms and turn screening lists on and off according to your requirements.
  • Automated adverse media search to save hours - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection incorporates a vast array of online sources for adverse media and bad press checks which are impossible to check manually. Get a 360 degree view of your insureds and potential customers to inform underwriting.
  • Avoid costly risk - A single oversight can have devastating consequences; lost profit, reputational damage–even criminal liability. Fijishi Financial Crime Detection’s solution increases coverage and gives insurers confidence in their process.
  • Reduce manual errors through automation of checks - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection provides repeatable, reliable and consistent checks in a fraction of the time required by a manual process.
  • Full digital trail - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection’s clear and simple UI preserves full audit trail and dashboard which can be provided for audits in a few clicks.
  • 360 degree visibility for peace of mind - Analyze and monitor program performance with on-demand and customizable dashboards.
  • Increase coverage - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection Financial Crime automatically draws on a vast set of data to analyze individuals and organizations, removing the need to manually trawl hundreds of data points to produce a 360 degree view of potential customers.
  • Know your customer - Run seamless screening in prepayment, underwriting, renewals and claims for full coverage. Fijishi Financial Crime Detection provides investigators with an aggregated risk score for analyzed entities with detailed contextual information in alerts.
  • Network analysis - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection leverages our experience in claims fraud networks and our shared data banks to detect organized financial crime. Navigate networks with our interactive visualizer to prevent this high-cost fraud.
  • AI for atypical scenarios - Fijishi Financial Crime Detection scenarios can be used to detect unusual attributes and history to highlight scenarios with a high likelihood of suspicion that might otherwise be missed.
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