Fijishi' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Open Source Contributions are a neutral, trusted hub for industrial development by code, management, and scaling open source technologies, projects and eco-systems.

Learn about 50+ projects by each of the 17 SDGs. Decentralized innovation, building on trust.

There are hundreds of projects Fijishi contributes to in areas of sustainability including energy infrastructure, carbon accounting, natural resources monitoring, technology, and industrial ecology. Despite the uncertainties we are proud of our people, who are achieving year on year.

In our ambitious decade yet, we’ve set a goal to reach net-zero emissions across our operations and value chain by 2030.

Photovoltaics & Solar Energy
–  ASTM Cap Test
–  Bifacial Photovoltaics
–  Bms Firmware
–  Distributed Energy Resources
–  Ion Migration

Wind Energy
–  Foam Sim
–  SharPY
–  Structure DNV
–  WindPY

Hydro Energy
–  Boundary Element Method
–  Water Supply Storage

Geothermal Energy
–  Temperature Plotting
–  GeoThermal Exploration
–  Reservoir GeoMechanics

–  EcoPhysiological Biofuel
–  Biogas Prediction
–  Multi Reactor Sim

–  Coral Monitor
–  BenthicIMG Analyser

–  Ocean Flux Processor

Modeling & Optimization
–  W3S
–  Capacity Planner
–  Energy Optimization
–  Energy Expansion

Monitoring & Control
–  Energy Management

Distribution & Grids
–  Cross Power System
–  Grid Framework
–  Energy Sharing

Buildings & Heating
–  Efficiency Builder
–  BuildOp Framework

Mobility & Transportation
–  MWC

Computation & Communication
–  Reduce Carbon

–  Power Consumption

–  PEM Simulation
–  HIM Analysis
–  GasNet

Air Quality
–  Atmospheric Evaluation

Water Supply & Quality
–  Water QAT

Soil & Land
–  Map Patterns
–  PermaFrost Sim
–  ChDetect Model
–  Hyperspectral CNN

Agriculture & Nutrition
–  SatCrop
–  RadTrans Modeling

Earth & Climate Modeling
–  Prediction Modeller
–  Climate Forecast
–  Climate Modelling

Radiative Transfer
–  RadTrans Modeller
–  SolTherm Calculator
–  Weather Processor

–  Deforestation Detection
–  Forest Monitor

–  Multilayer Subsurface
–  Glacier EvoMode

Does the project’s open source asset help its users to make progress toward one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
Does the project itself or its organization help to advance one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

By capturing where and how our projects are having impact, we can see where Fijishi can direct resources to broaden and deepen these efforts. To answer these questions, we looked for project use cases as well as documented efforts of the community, its curators and contributors, and its working groups/special interest groups.

We started Fijishi Sustainability Initiative to understand how our contribution to open source projects map to these different dimensions of sustainable development.

Open Source Trust

What is Fijishi Open Source Trust?
Fijishi Open Source Trust is where Fijishi contributes to open source projects, open standards, and decentralized applications. It is an initiative to contribute for communities that develop standards, tools, governance, and infrastructure in support of digital assets, credentials, relationships, and ecosystems for use by people, governments, enterprises, non-profits, academic institutions, and society at large.

What is “open source trust”?
Open Source trust refers to the existence of open standards for trusted technologies that issue, store, and exchange a wide variety of digital assets in a trusted computing environment so that stakeholders have a high degree of confidence in their functionality. Open Source trust enable us to solve challenges specific to the online digital world, making participation, relationships, and transactions more secure, private, persistent, and portable.

What problems does open source trust solve?
Trusted, standardized, digital technologies enable greater levels of confidentiality and interoperability, lower latency, and reduced friction in digital commerce and digital asset ecosystems. Through open source governance and development models, based on open standards, trusted technologies drive greater levels of interconnectivity, access, and innovation on a global scale.

Interoperability within and across communities and technologies is imperative – and we believe the fastest pathway to interoperability is through collaboration on open source and open standards. Fijishi has been contributing by solving complex issues. As multiple projects work on various pieces of the puzzle, Fijishi identifies and contributes towards distinct project communities to enhance collaboration, to help organizations find the projects that best meet their needs, and bring communities together to improve how the individual pieces of the interoperability puzzle can come together more concretely.

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