Over the years there have been many academic studies, government policies, non-governmental organizations (NGO) reports, industrial plans, and others all focusing on ways to improve the management global crisis and reduce inefficiency over time - and yet we are still faced with the problem of a looming global crisis.

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Inflation, food insecurity, soaring energy and food prices, supply chain disruptions and mounting debt are among the pressing challenges added to a world recovering from the human and economic losses of the COVID-19 pandemic and facing the ongoing threat of climate change.

Charting a course for five new worlds. We are mobilizing and developing strategies to address the interlinked crisis with electricity, food, healthcare, water, education, and technology.

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Helping Orgs. Transform
To Build Resilience

We are helping business leaders to anticipate and respond to disruption proactively – not only to survive, but to thrive. Our solutions & strategies are directing their resources, efforts, and investments toward building resilience to thrive in a state of permacrisis.

Global populations have longer-term needs which Fijishi is addressing to enable their recovery from the impacts of crises and to strengthen their resilience to potential future risks of crisis and displacement. Fijishi’s solutions, span the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, and contextualize the Organization’s efforts to effectively and holistically meet the needs of populations impacted by crisis and fragility while investing in averting, minimizing and addressing the drivers of crises and displacement and co-creating sustainable solutions.

Co-creating sustainable solutions.

Interrelated and

Fijishi is investing in new ways of thinking to scale up solutions and enable synergistic approaches.

These include investing in developing capacities to look beyond single point solutions to explore opportunities for transformative change and piloting new approaches that can foster increased effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability of results.

Proactive and

Fijishi’s innovative interventions address not only issues linked to current priorities but also proactive measures, informed by its global field presence.

Responding to political, social, economic as well as environmental challenges, Fijishi’s innovation employs unconventional and context-specific approaches and brings about changes that are transformative and impactful.

Scalable and

Fijishi identifies and implements innovative solutions to global crisis challenges that can be scaled up, accelerated, adapted, and sustained.

This involves analysing data and evidence to identify approaches that have the potential for systemic change, using alternative evaluation methods that are consistent with the nature of innovation.


Fijishi’s Innovation portfolio is managed and coordinated by the Innovation and Knowledge Management Unit within the Department of Policy and Research.

The Unit leverages innovative approaches and practices to enable systemic transformation, address pressing global crisis challenges, and strengthen partnerships with public & private organisations.

Growing Better Together

Human mobility is inextricably related to instability and fragility. Crises often occur in contexts of chronic underdevelopment, with the impacts of climate change exacerbating the risk of conflict, social unrest and forced movements. Fijishi’s comprehensive, inclusive and people-centered solutions, are grounded in sound analysis and built on strong partnerships, focused on saving lives and protecting those on the move, while investing in reducing needs, vulnerabilities and risks and building resilient and peaceful societies.

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