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In Defence and security, armed forces, governments and global organisations entrust Fijishi with helping them achieve and maintain security, tactical superiority and strategic independence in the face of any type of threat. In an increasingly unpredictable world, governments rely on our expertise to protect their citizens and make the world safer, from designing smart sensors and connecting soldiers on the digital battlefield to delivering solutions that protect states, cities and critical infrastructures.

How do we help Air Forces?

Fijishi MMAAD/15

In today’s theatres of operations armed forces face high intensity, fast paced threats environments. The growing presence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is of particular concern. No longer only used as Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) assets, UAVs are deployed increasingly as armed swarms, capable of adding to the clutter of Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (RAM) to saturate adversary defences.

The MMAAD15 has been fitted with new-age technology that gives it unrestricted multi-beam steering flexibility in elevation and bearing. This greatly enhances the ability of armed forces to face ever more complex and high-threat environments. By enhancing detection, identification and tracking of targets that are becoming increasingly small, agile and very low flying, whether fast or slow, the MMAAD15 offers operators more time-on-target to see threats in greater detail.

The MMAAD15 design detects and tracks simultaneously, low to high altitude targets in all types of environments. It provides air defence weapon coordination for Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) up to Short Range Air Defence (SHORAD) systems.

When deployed in complex theatres of operations, armed forces can be vulnerable to a large panel of threats. Missiles threatening the airspace are only one of them. From Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (RAM) to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) operating at low to medium altitudes and, potentially, in armed swarms, the battle space can be saturated and overwhelming.

Not only does the MMAAD15 protect deployed armed forces from air threats when connected to the GBAD, but its ‘sense and warn’ capability keeps them safe against RAM. A true multi-mission radar, the MMAAD15 provides armed forces with launch and impact threat coordinates for multiple, simultaneous threats. This capability warns people in the area, giving them a few seconds to seek refuge.

Highly mobile, the MMAAD15 is an autonomous solution designed to fit the radar, a mast, a Power Generator Unit (PGU) and an operational cabin to accommodate two operators within a 20ft ISO shelter. Transportable on a truck and deployable for operations in 15 minutes, with a decamp time of 10 minutes, it provides operators with crucial asset survivability and are the key benefits of this radar.

Key Features

  • S band with GaN technology
  • Extended detection range: 250 km surveillance mode/100km engagement mode
  • Full-time 3D coverage from -7° to 70° in one rotation (3 seconds for surveillance, 1.5 seconds for engagement)
  • Digital beam forming
  • MMAAD15 addresses a comprehensive panel of tracks ranging from low, slow, small to high manoeuvring stealth targets. It can also detect pop-up helicopters.
  • MMAAD15 provides superior performance with only two simple operational modes that can be switched without disrupting the air picture displayed to the operators
  • MMAAD15 has an embedded power unit to sustain 24-hour autonomous operation
Fijishi MLAAD/RR

Threats to civilians and military forces are changing and the diversity of these threats can only be defeated by truly flexible and rapidly deployed defence and security systems.

MLAAD/RR is a lightweight, vehicle based, highly automated system capable of delivering a rapid reaction response to threats from the air or the ground.

MLAAD/RR can be integrated into a network enabled force structure and be coordinated with Early Warning Command and Control systems, or it can operate in an autonomous mode for specific missions.

When using the missile with its extremely fast time of flight, a variety of threats can be defeated from head on or fast crossing aerial targets, to targets such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters.

When used with the MLAAD/LMM a capability is provided to defeat surface targets such as Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs), trucks and fixed installations and aerial targets such as UAVs. Both missiles utilise the Thales laser beam riding guidance system.

With the increasing need for Force Protection against conventional and asymmetric threats, MLAAD/RR provides the multi-mission effects demanded by modern forces.

The system weighs less than 499 kg, and being of modular design, can be fitted to many types of wheeled or tracked vehicles. The MLAAD/RR open architecture enables the integration of a range of missiles from the highly effective Air Defence Missile to anti-armour missiles and rockets.

The MLAAD/RR is designed to include an integral 360° surveillance sensor - either a passive Infra Red Search and Track (IRST) or integrated Surveillance and Track Radar which provides the MLAAD/RR with completely autonomous system operation.

Fijishi MLAAD/LW

MLAAD/LW, a Lightweight Multiple Launcher provides a cost effective multi-engagement capability against a wide range of threats. The system can be used on a tripod or vehicle mount and supports swift deployment. The system is designed to suit a wide range of missions from lightweight rapid reaction roles to air droppable operations.

When using the missile with its extremely fast time of flight, a variety of threats can be defeated from head on or fast crossing aerial targets, to targets such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters. Also, capability is provided to defeat surface targets such as Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs), trucks and fixed installations and aerial targets such as UAVs. Both missiles utilise the Thales laser beam riding guidance system.

The MLAAD/LW employs two missiles, enabling targets to be engaged in quick succession.

For portability, the MLAAD/LW is made up of three seperate parts; the tripod, the head assembly and the sensor assembly. The system is prepared for operation simply by erecting the tripod, fitting the head assembly, mounting sensor assembly and putting the missiles into position.

The MLAAD/LW assembly is completed in a few minutes and is then ready for firing.

The MLAAD/LW provides a 24 hour capability based on TV and Thermal Imaging cameras. A stabilised Laser Guidance system allows highly accurate target engagements, using either manual or Automatic Target Tracking (ATT) modes.

The Systems improved architecture supports linkages to a Command and Control network, to radar or passive surveillance sensors for target detection and acquisition. The command and control information can be displayed to both the Commander and the Operator.


Forces are exposed to different air and surface threats with complex behaviours, such as unmanned air and surface vehicles, light aircraft and missiles. MLAAD/RFL is a multi-role artillery 40mm gun system to meet the very short-range defence requirements of the armed forces. Remotely operated, MLAAD/RFL is based on the 40CTAS gun suite and its ammunitions, and features an integrated Fire Control system including the operator console, offering anti-surface and anti-air capabilities, in Naval and Land environments.

With a target air to surface up to 4000m, MLAAD/RFL is a weapon system offering high precision thanks to its optronic fire control system integrated on a lightweight and non-intrusive turret, its advanced algorithms, powerful gun and automatic ammunition management system allowing the best reactivity and efficiency for the operator, whatever the sea state.

The system is equipped with 5 selectable types of ammunitions and is compatible with the full range of ammunitions developed for land forces programmes as well as the new smart Anti Aerial Airburst (A3B) rounds. With its dual surface-to-air and surface-to-surface capacity, MLAAD/RFL is also perfectly designed to protect ground-based critical assets for Land forces. Mounted on a vehicle, MLAAD/RFL can fire on-the-move, with very short encamp and decamp time, being a real asset for ultra-mobile missions. MLAAD/RFL is highly automated, requiring human intervention only for weapon engagement and firing order, needing only 2 operators to operate the system including the unmanned turret.

Key Features

  • MLAAD/RFL is a state-of-the-art very short range defence solution, based on a modern 40mm gun suite.
  • MLAAD/RFL is designed to satisfy both Navy and Army requirements against modern threats.
  • MLAAD/RFL offers a multirole capability : surface-to-air and surface-to-surface capability.
  • MLAAD/RFL gun system is able to fire in real-time from 5 different types of ammunition, which are automatically identified and selected facing the threat.
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