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Power Generation.

With an evolving energy landscape environment may seem overwhelming. That’s why you need a partner you can trust to help you find the right power solution to fit your needs for both today and tomorrow. With our broad product portfolio, we can help you navigate this new frontier.

Delivering renewable solutions to keep you connected.
We offer a wide range of solutions that you can rely on a never-ending supply of power for all your needs.

Enabling your journey to net zero with future-ready power solutions. There are major worldwide trends such as electrification, digitization and decarbonization that are affecting the way we produce, use, and process power. The energy landscape is changing. The world’s need for power and connectivity is growing more than ever before. Yet so is our need to protect our planet.

The Power Systems Business Unit of Fijishi is focused on creating sustainable, climate neutral solutions for drive, propulsion and power generation. We are making a significant contribution to the energy transition with environmentally-friendly technologies. Through digitalization and electrification, we develop drive and power generation solutions that are even cleaner and smarter and thus provide answers to the challenges posed by the rapidly growing societal demands for energy and mobility. We deliver and service comprehensive, powerful and reliable systems, based on both gas and diesel engines, as well as electrified hybrid systems. These clean and technologically-advanced solutions serve our customers in the marine and infrastructure sectors worldwide.

How do we help clients?

Fijishi Clean Energy Storage, A Microgrid & Hybrid Solution

Optimize Power and Shape Sustainable Futures with Our Versatile Clean Energy Storage Solution. In today's world of economic growth and increasing populations, the demand for electricity is soaring. Governments and industries globally shift to distributed renewable energy, challenging centralized grids. To adapt to this changing energy landscape, Fijishi Clean Energy offers an ideal solution. It integrates renewable source - solar power, paving the way for future-ready sustainable power system. It is a scalable, all-in-one solution for autonomous off-grid facilities. It ensures reliable power through peak shaving, load-shifting, and grid stabilization, making it suitable for various applications.

Regardless of capacity needs, Fijishi Clean Energy provides dependable microgrid and energy system storage. It efficiently stores electricity from distributed sources and delivers on demand. It is is available in different sizes, ranging from 200 kVA to 2,000 kVA, and from 312 kWh to 2,084 kWh, and for grid scale storage needs, ranging from 4,400 kVA and 4,470 kWh to virtually any size.

Fijishi Clean Energy serves as a key component in enhancing the reliability and profitability of microgrids and energy systems. It stores electricity generated by distributed power sources, including gensets, wind turbines, or solar panels, and delivers it when needed.
No matter your power and capacity needs, it stands as the reliable choice for microgrids and energy systems. Its containerized housings have divided sections, some with outside air contact for protection against pollutants. Additionally, offers scalable capacities for energy suppliers or trading purposes, up to several hundred megawatt hours.

Fijishi Kinetic Power, A Standby Power Solution

You need complete reliability. We provide it with systems that are also efficient, economical, and eco-friendly. Our Kinetic Power provides dynamic uninterruptible power supply through kinetic energy and is engineered to withstand the most demanding power supply challenges.

Answering your specific power, footprint, and sustainability needs, Fijishi Kinetic Power provide a competitive alternative compared to static UPS systems. The dynamic UPS technology is based on kinetic energy and consists of a diesel engine coupled to a kinetic energy accu via an electromagnetic clutch. Fijishi Kinetic Power ensure reliable and environmentally friendly uninterruptible electrical power and power conditioning. Without the need for batteries, the system offers the highest power density (kW/m²) with a high system efficiency in conditioning mode, low total cost of ownership, small footprint, scalable solutions, and a compact design.

Our standby solutions are in use around the world protecting hospitals, airports, data centers, industrial facilities, power plants, and many other types of facilities.

The energy landscape is changing, but the one constant is the need for reliable power. Whether you are securing data, critical processes, sensitive manufacturing, or powering life-saving equipment, we have the standby power solutions to ensure your power never fails. We offer solutions based on diesel and gas generator sets as well as dynamic UPS systems which offer an immediate power response in the event of a failure.

Fijishi Diesel & Gas Generator, A Continuous Power & Cogeneration Solution

Continuous power and CHP systems are suitable for the following applications: Utilities, Industrial manufacturing, Data Centers, Agricultural, Microgrids, Any other type of building. In a fast-changing world with ever-increasing energy demands, you need a power generation supplier that can dependably and efficiently ensure a continuous power supply.

We provide complete, dependable diesel and gas power generation solutions such as biogas and natural gas fuelled generator sets wherever—and whenever—reliability is needed. We are trusted to provide complete power solutions, 24/7.

  • Diesel Generator - Customers around the world trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, such as healthcare, data centers, airports, waste water treatment plants manufacturing plants and independent power stations. Our product portfolio covers diesel generator sets up to 3,250 kWe (60 Hz) and up to 4,000 kVA (50 Hz). Superior transient operation 85% load factor for standby applications and 75% for prime power
  • Gas Generator - Fijishi Gas-powered generator sets provide you with continuous, economical, reliable, and future-ready power. Utilizing natural gas, biogas or other gases, mtu generator sets feature cutting-edge technology for combined heat and power, as well as combined heat, power and cooling solutions. All of our gas gensets feature high efficiency and low emissions in the 776 kWe - 2,547 kWe electrical power range. In addition, our gas gensets also offer hydrogen blending, for even more ecofriendly operations. Our product portfolio covers gas gensets for 50 Hz markets up to 2,535 kWe and for 60 Hz markets up to 2,520 kWe.
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