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Technology, media, and telecommunications companies are at the heart of the digital economy—building the infrastructure and devices that connect people, businesses, and countries. Companies across these industries generate more economic profit than any other sector of the global economy, yet they are not shielded from the disruptions that they themselves create.

Navigating rapidly changing markets to promote innovation capture new opportunities, and create value.

We help technology, media, and telecommunications leaders accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth in this rapidly developing market—to build internal capabilities, integrate digital and analytics tools into their organizations, and transform the ways in which they work to improve their business in substantial, sustainable ways.

TMT companies don’t just look to the future—they define it. We help unleash their full potential, so they can turn possibilities into reality. And advance the world.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) companies deliver the products, infrastructure, and content that boost resilience and sustainability across industries, and across society. But they also face challenges that require them to think boldly, respond quickly, and continuously improve. Fijishi’s TMT consultants help companies do that, working collaboratively with them to build a foundation for delivering tangible and lasting change.

How do we help clients?

Consumer Technology & Media

Powering consumer growth and disruption
Creators have never been closer to consumers. As the boundaries come down between technology, marketing, media, internet, and commerce, disrupters and incumbents alike are competing for the same consumer attention that is critical for generating revenue from consumer fees, advertising, and commerce spend.

Consumer technology and media companies are resetting consumer expectations and creating disruption across industries. As one of the most diverse and fastest growing sectors globally encompassing video, audio, gaming, publishing, e-commerce, marketplaces, and professional sports, we help leaders to navigate this rapid change and uncover opportunities for growth.

What we do

  • Accelerate advertising growth - Innovating products, pricing, and capabilities with tech and analytics
    Build digital businesses - Launching and scaling direct-to-consumer and commerce-enabled businesses
  • Empower founders - Translating visions into competitive strategies and operations
    Scale disruptive innovators - Building financial and operational discipline
  • Transform organizations - Changing trajectories through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and health
  • Compete for consumer attention - Winning over consumers and inspiring loyalty
    Improve the art and science of storytelling - Guiding content investment through predictive analytics
Digital IT Services

Driving growth and competitiveness in the digital era. The enterprise IT landscape has undergone rapid growth of digital services in recent years, whilst traditional IT services are diminishing. Leading service providers are adjusting their strategy, reorganizing themselves, making targeted investments, and improving their competitiveness to build and scale their digital services and effectively manage the decline of their traditional portfolios.

We help leading IT-service providers and digital-transformation specialists with their digital strategy and business building by identifying and prioritizing areas of growth, setting up the organization and operating model, and transforming their commercial and delivery capabilities.

What we do

  • Digital strategy and value creation - Redefine long-term sustainable growth strategy through identification of “where to play” hot spots and build differentiated offerings and solutions.
  • Reinvent sales for digital - Drive growth by strengthening sales capabilities, leveraging analytics for opportunity identification and decision making, and customizing selling motions for digital.
  • Organizing for digital and digital talent - Reorganize and refine the operating model for digital, and sustainably solve the digital talent challenge.
  • Delivery modernization - Drive a step change in delivery cost, quality, and agility through next-generation delivery models such as automation, artificial intellgence, machine learning, agile and DevOps.
  • Programmatic M&A - Enable strategic M&A and support effective integration to maximize synergies and build in-house capabilities.
Telecommunications Operators

Integrating new tools and technologies to improve business outcomes
Telecommunications operators play a pivotal role in helping people, companies, and cities realize their digital ambitions and meet ever-growing demands for data and connectivity. Yet many face capex scarcity and are under significant pressure to develop or improve 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA), and fiber networks, and to diversify their offerings to maximize customer lifetime value, return on investment, and shareholder value.

We help clients boost revenues and optimize costs through digital, analytics, and enterprise-wide transformation, while enabling growth through selective new business entry. We help operators to achieve stronger acquisition, increase average revenue per user, improve customer engagement and asset management, reduce costs and customer-churn, and realize new revenue streams across B2B and B2C segments.

What we do

  • Commercial excellence optimization - Strategize and implement commercial value drivers such as pricing and promotions, cross- and up-sell, personalization at scale, retention, and churn management for stronger customer-lifetime value.
  • Digital business building - Build a digital business or expand into new areas by assembling the right people, technology and data, product and strategy, go-to-market, operations, and capital to scale a business.
  • Customer experience - Implement end-to-end solutions to immediately improve revenue and reduce call-center volume and customer churn with more personalized content and offers and better customer experiences.
  • Smart network capital expenditures and strategy - Analyze 5G and FWA demand and supply drivers, network and market positioning, and infrastructure asset strategies, such as divestment or network sharing.
  • Transformation and restructuring - Adopt alternative methods of at-scale cost and commercial transformation, including agility, restructuring, and digital implementation.
Technology Infrastructure

Attaining growth amid unprecedented disruption. The pace of disruption in enterprise IT is rapid and poised to accelerate, touching nearly every area of the sector, from servers and security to storage and software development. Similarly, the needs of enterprise customers are changing quickly as the shift to the public cloud fuels the adoption of other new technologies and drives internal innovation.

These widespread changes require technology infrastructure providers to reinvent themselves to win in the cloud era. We help companies respond to this widescale disruption, adapt to the value shifts from hardware to software, build new capabilities, and transform portfolios to generate new sources of growth.

What we do

  • Business-model transition - Enterprise-wide transformation for the software and subscription era
  • Product management and development - Modernize product-development organizations
  • Go-to-market transformation - Optimize sales model, sales-team effectiveness, and partner ecosystem
  • Customer success and experience - Reinvent sales and services for subscription businesses
  • Pricing excellence - Improve pricing, discount management, and offering design
  • Channel modernization - Design and build channel capabilities for the subscription era
Enterprise Software

Accelerating growth amid a shifting industry landscape
Software leaders face complex challenges as the industry undergoes fundamental shifts to subscription business models and the cloud—changes that have rippling effects across software organizations. New analytics and digital technologies, rising customer expectations, and growing demand for skilled employees are intensifying already-fierce competition. Cybersecurity threats and activist investors can derail strategies and product road maps.

Against this backdrop, growth is a powerful predictor of long-term success in software. It matters more than margins or cost structure. We help software leaders navigate these myriad forces and achieve growth.

What we do

  • Go-to-market transformation - Optimize models and team effectiveness across sales and channel, marketing, and services
  • Pricing excellence - Improve pricing, discount management, and offering design
    Product management and development - Modernize product-development organizations
  • Subscription transition - Lead organization-wide transformation for the software-as-a-service era
  • Customer experience, success, and renewals - Reinvent services and customer success
    Operational improvement and resilience - Reduce operating costs and improve organizational health
  • Strategy and transactions - Develop portfolio, M&A, and corporate strategies
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