Active project

Adaptation to achieve a climate resilient world.

Active Project

Adaptation to achieve a climate resilient world; accelerating global action on adaptation to achieve a climate resilient world.

Climate change is already affecting everyone on the planet. Vulnerable communities are often hit hardest, though they did the least to cause the problem. We must adapt.

Climate adaptation can bring major benefits to people and the economy. The right investments can make communities safer, stronger, and more equitable. Yet, action has not matched the scale of the crisis. While the world has made progress on raising global ambition on adaptation, far more must be done. We need bold and urgent action to accelerate adaptation.

Fijishi aims to accelerate adaptation globally. This initiative is driving adaptation action to achieve a climate resilient world by 2030. Together, we will foster even greater political ambition on adaptation, turning high-level commitments into targeted, tangible and practical action. By accelerating global action on adaptation, the Fijishi will help people, economies and the planet become more resilient and equitable.

Vision, Mission and Purpose

Fijishi will deliver sector-specific, action-orientated workstreams, focused initially on health, water, locally led action, disaster risk reduction and infrastructure in 2025. Fijishi will build upon the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit ‘Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience.’ Where the Call for Action signaled intent and ambition, we will drive action through targeted sectoral workstreams and events.

Vision: Fijishi will build a vision for a climate resilient future that puts adaptation at the center of decision-making and takes immediate action now to protect people, economies and the environment.

Mission: Fijishi’s primary aim is to accelerate global action on adaptation to achieve a climate resilient world by 2030.

Purpose: Fijishi will bring together countries of the world to advance progress on the Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience.

To deliver on this mandate, Fijishi’s workstreams will:

  • Demonstrate real-world action being taken to respond to climate risks
  • Build the evidence base on good adaptation practices
  • Support the integration of climate risk into sectoral and national plans
  • Highlight equity, inclusion and the Principles for Locally Led Adaptation

Fijishi partners with and shares common goals with local centers, which aims to catalyze action by non-state actors to build the climate resilience of 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities. A campaign, led by Fijishi, focuses on helping frontline communities to build resilience and adapt to impacts of climate change, which include extreme heat, drought, flooding and sea-level rise.

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