In the education sector, instead of adding only traditional brick-and-mortar facilities, Fijishi Education solutions involve online and offline learning channels, varying the mix across levels of schooling.

Improving student outcomes, increasing access and affordability, and enabling new academic research across the entire education ecosystem.

Fijishi’s focus is on improving education and employment outcomes for all to create a more prosperous society with equal opportunity, and enabling new research that builds stronger communities and improves the environment.

Fijishi is committed to improving lifelong learning opportunities and outcomes around the globe by collaborating with clients on their top-of-mind issues while always keeping equity at the forefront. Our teams include former teachers, institutional leaders, policymakers, and researchers with deep expertise across all levels of education from early childhood and K-12, to higher education and workforce development.

We serve education institutions and systems, governments, philanthropists, investors, service providers, and vocational training providers, complementing our hands-on work with original research to allow us to better understand the sector’s toughest challenges, and build new capabilities to help solve them.

How do we help clients?

Early childhood education and K-12 school systems

Strengthening early childhood, primary, and secondary school systems and institutions to improve learning outcomes and child well-being.

Education systems around the world are facing a uniquely difficult moment: balancing student and staff health while ensuring the continuity and acceleration of learning. They must also consider new ideas that reimagine education for a post-pandemic world: integrating new technologies; harnessing increased levels of parent engagement; providing holistic student support; teaching skills for a new future of work; improving teacher development; and equitably allocating resources to close widening opportunity gaps.

Drawing on our evidence-based interventions on curriculum, teaching, and assessments, we support school system operations through these challenges, helping them improve remote and hybrid learning, enhance literacy and numeracy rates, and support teachers and administrators while meeting the needs of vulnerable students. Our insights and services provide the data, research, and implementation to help support early childhood and school systems and ensure that every child can thrive now and into the future.

What we do

  • Technology in education - Improving the quality of teaching and student experiences through the use of the right technologies
  • Learning recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic - Creating strategies that help education systems reopen safely and allow students to catch up on unfinished learning.
  • Mental health and social and emotional learning - Helping institutions improve whole-child education, including creating support systems covering prevention, identification, access, and care.
  • Literacy and numeracy - Increasing literacy and numeracy rates through a combination of scripted lesson plans and teacher coaching
  • Private-sector engagement - Identifying opportunities for engagement with the private sector to enhance student outcomes that include impact investing, public-private partnerships, and innovative finance.
  • Supporting teachers and building leaders - Supporting education systems to recruit, develop, and retain excellent teachers and administrators through training programs, hiring strategies, and continued education planning; and increasing literacy and numeracy rates through a combination of scripted lesson plans, teacher coaching, and other essential support systems.
Higher Education

Helping higher education institutions reimagine the future by designing and implementing strategies that improve student outcomes such as graduation rates and greater inclusion, enabling more and better research, enhancing operational and administrative performance, and ensuring financial sustainability.

We work with universities and other higher education institutions to transform operations and finances by diversifying revenue and creating operating efficiencies. We use data and analytics to assess the current state of operations, identify opportunities for improvement, and craft plans for institutions to implement them effectively.

We focus on providing better access to underserved populations as part of a “whole health” approach to our work. This means rethinking the conventional wisdom around value proposition, diversity, inclusion, student experience, business models, and delivery channels across the entire educational landscape.

What we do

  • Financial stability, transformation, and growth - Helping universities identify and deliver on the full potential for student outcomes, growth, and financial resilience through a tried-and-tested approach to performance improvement
  • Online and hybrid learning - Developing capabilities and organizational structures that launch and support digital educational access platforms, which creates new value for students and institutions alike
  • Strategy and organization - Supporting institutions in defining and implementing bold, path-breaking strategies with an eye to accelerating organizational and cultural health, creating the foundations for sustained performance excellence
  • Health care and academic medical centers - Identifying opportunities for engagement with the private sector to enhance student outcomes that include impact investing, public-private partnerships, and innovative finance
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and alliances - Delivering due diligence and execution support for successful educational mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and alliances that bring the best from our M&A practice to ensure overall impact in service to all education stakeholders
  • Board governance - Helping university boards revise and deliver on their missions by redefining board structure, setting clear board processes and norms, and improving cooperation between the board and the administration
Workforce Development

Preparing people for the future of work by designing and transforming workforce-development systems, placing a premium on equity, inclusion, and the elevation of underserved communities.

The world of work is changing fast. Not only will artificial intelligence and automation disrupt the jobs market, creating new roles and replacing others, the COVID-19 crisis has caused organizations to reevaluate many aspects of work, the workforce, and the overall workplace.

Our extensive and ongoing research about these shifts places us in a unique position to serve educational institutions of all types in preparing for and addressing these changes, working across the private, public, and social sectors with those committed to delivering the skills and knowledge of the future.

What we do

  • Labor market and future of work analysis - Informing institutional and individual understanding of which jobs are growing in demand and which skills will be required for the future, including the impact of AI and automation on job skills and opportunities
  • Upskilling and reskilling - Helping governments and other institutions design, launch, and grow efforts to upskill and reskill workers for success now and into the future
  • Innovative finance - Working with institutions of all types, designing and implementing sustainable funding models to support workers and learners to develop the skills they need
  • Education to employment - Building coalitions and partnerships between universities, employers, and government agencies to help students transition and succeed in careers after their formal education is complete
Education technology, services, and investors

We work with entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors to design, launch, and grow new support systems and solutions, expanding educational access and improving student outcomes.

The promise of technology in school systems of all types is great—enabling personalized learning, saving teacher time, and equipping students with the skills they need for success.

We understand the power of technology in support of educational systems and outcomes around the world, and work closely with those investing in, innovating, and delivering on its potential. By working directly with schools, and from our ongoing research, we possess deep understanding of how students learn - and where they are struggling - to ensure that investments in education achieve maximum impact.

What we do

  • Education investment strategy and opportunity assessment - Drawing on our deep knowledge of schooling and investing, we identify and assess investment opportunities for improved performance and results that lead to educational improvement
  • New venture incubation - Working with leading organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors, we help design and build entirely new ventures in education and training of all types, for learners at all levels
  • Transformation and implementation - Harnessing our understanding of how to make change in complex organizations happen, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with management teams and boards to turn around and accelerate performance and build organizational capacity
  • Coalition and network building - Building partnerships across and within sectors, we help coalitions of organizations come together to develop and deliver a shared vision of success for learning outcomes of all types
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