Public & Social Sector.

Fijishi brings together cross-functional expertise to deliver leading-edge insight to help shape the future of mobility-related industries and the public sector. We are passionate and curious about the emerging opportunities in mobility.

Improving the lives of citizens worldwide by helping solve the most pressing economic and social challenges.

Public and social sector organizations are key to societal and economic progress and well being. We work with social sector and government organizations to improve the lives and livelihoods of their citizens, driving transformations that have a significant, positive impact on society. By combining a highly collaborative working model with insights from our globally recognized research centers, we provide an approach tailored to each client’s needs.

Our work spans multiple sectors and functions, including digital and analytics, operations, organization, and strategy. We work end-to-end—from diagnosis to delivery of lasting impact—together generating tangible results that are improving the lives of millions worldwide.

Public sector organizations face pressure to deliver more for their citizens than ever before. Fijishi’s public sector consultants help government leaders meet—and surpass—these expectations.

To improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of citizens—today and tomorrow—governments must be responsive, agile, and capable of creatively solving complex problems. Yet many public sector organizations remain hierarchical, bureaucratic, and built for a bygone era. The public sector can positively impact billions of lives by solving pressing societal challenges, responding to crises, and capitalizing on AI, among other valuable initiatives, but it must transform how it’s organized and how it operates.

How do we help clients?

Cities & Infrastructure

Combining economic and social development experience with our financial modeling expertise to develop cities and infrastructure.

Recent reporting suggests that by 2050, more than 68 percent of the world’s population will live in cities, a growth of 2.5 billion from today. To meet the needs of their citizens, cities must invest heavily in infrastructure and building space. Managing these investments, while encouraging economic growth and safeguarding natural resources, is a difficult task.

We work with organizations to plan and develop cities that support growth, without compromising environmental or social sustainability. We aim to resolve the critical issues faced when planning, financing, developing, constructing, and operating infrastructure projects to reduce cost and accelerate and optimize projects.

What we do

  • Develop urban growth and transformation strategy - Developing municipal system strategy and plans and accelerating the delivery of municipal initiatives through implementation support.
  • Enhance governance and performance management - Designing municipal system governance, defining roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders, and developing performance management.
  • Maximize revenue - Implementing programs that increase revenue from taxes, fees, and fines, as well as improving monetization of assets and resources—such as land and data.
  • Decrease infrastructure cost - Designing and executing municipal and major infrastructure projects to reduce costs across both capital and operating investments.
  • Develop public-private partnerships - Developing engagement strategies for the private sector to optimize financing opportunities and improve feasibility of municipal projects.
  • Design and deliver digital city infrastructure - Developing strategies for using digital technology to address public challenges and improve service delivery.
  • Increase housing options and livability - Supporting housing authorities and developers to increase access to affordable housing solutions and improve the quality of life for citizens.
  • Make cities more mobile - Designing and implementing initiatives that reduce transit time, increase access to public transport, and create world-class mobility innovations.
  • Rethink city design and development - Creating and actioning municipal and district master plans that support sustained, inclusive growth.
  • Focus on sustainability - Designing risk assessment and abatement initiatives to reduce the exposure of global cities to external shocks—including resource efficiency, climate change response, and resiliency efforts.

Improving student outcomes, increasing access and affordability, and enabling new academic research across the entire education ecosystem.

Fijishi’s focus is on improving education and employment outcomes for all to create a more prosperous society with equal opportunity, and enabling new research that builds stronger communities and improves the environment.

Fijishi is committed to improving lifelong learning opportunities and outcomes around the globe by collaborating with clients on their top-of-mind issues while always keeping equity at the forefront. Our teams include former teachers, institutional leaders, policymakers, and researchers with deep expertise across all levels of education from early childhood and K-12, to higher education and workforce development.

We serve education institutions and systems, governments, philanthropists, investors, service providers, and vocational training providers, complementing our hands-on work with original research to allow us to better understand the sector’s toughest challenges, and build new capabilities to help solve them.

Defense & Security

Helping defense ministries, national security, and public safety organizations address their most pressing challenges. Defense, security, and public safety institutions worldwide are under intense pressure to ensure a high level of security for citizens while reducing expenditures. With our unparalleled experience and specialized know-how, we help them meet this challenge through holistic transformations leveraging expertise that spans regions, sectors, and core management functions.

What we do

  • Strategic planning - Working with defense ministries, military forces, police forces, and justice ministries to explore new methods that improve operational efficiency and redesign IT infrastructure and systems.
  • Organization - Bringing a range of proprietary tools and a wealth of experience to help defense and security clients address challenges in the areas of organizational design, human capital, organizational diagnostics, and transformational change.
  • Operational transformation - Optimizing procurement and contracting strategy, redesigning maintenance and supply chain processes, and transforming administrative processes and recruiting approaches.
  • Process transformation - Help corrections systems, police forces, and justice systems better leverage technology, increase collaboration between departments, and transform their organizations.
Global Public Health

Improving health outcomes for those in greatest need
We help foundations, governments, international organizations, and healthcare companies address urgent healthcare challenges and crises, prioritizing access to equitable, sustainable, and high-quality healthcare for the poorest and most vulnerable populations.

What we do

  • Emergency preparedness - Build resilient response systems, as well as support response to infectious disease outbreaks and public safety crises, both globally and on the ground in affected countries.
  • Strategy - Develop strategies and structures to improve health outcomes among underserved or at-risk populations
  • R&D - Spur health innovations for new products, programs, and services that improve health outcomes
  • Market dynamics and supply chains - Improve access to critical health commodities by strengthening markets and transforming supply chains
  • Organization - Strengthen global health organizations and build client capabilities to master change so that organizations can deliver on their healthcare missions
  • Data and analytics - Bring leading-edge data and analytic capabilities and solutions to help global health organizations translate insights into action
  • Delivery - Strengthen healthcare-delivery systems to improve access to high-quality care
  • Design in global health - Work with partners to incorporate human-centered design principles to improve health products, systems, and services.
Digital & Analytics

Improving efficiency and delivery of government services. We leverage digital and analytics to help improve the quality of life for citizens and to support companies and governments to be more productive.

What we do

  • Government digitization - Digitize government service delivery to make it truly citizen-centric, while also making organizations more productive.
  • Advanced analytics - Harness data and advanced analytics to drive use-cases at scale, improving efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making processes.
  • Value assurance - Successfully execute IT megaprojects to enable delivery on business value and get major projects back on track.
  • Digital economy - Accelerate digital adoption by industry, developing new growth ecosystems and fixing the digital-enabling infrastructure, talent, and regulation.
  • Technology management and delivery model - Manage enterprise architecture and IT or technology modernization, transformation, and IT consolidation.
  • Process optimization and automation - Redesign, optimize, and automate processes and free up resources for activities that add more value.
  • Cybersecurity - Implement the right policies, processes, and operating models to handle cybersecurity challenges.

We help private and corporate foundations, as well as individual philanthropists, to develop strategies for achieving systems-level social impact. We draw on deep expertise from across our global firm—in agriculture, economic development, global public health, financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, infrastructure and urban development, education, and equity—to help philanthropic organizations tackle society’s greatest challenges.

What we do

  • Refresh philanthropic strategies - Helping established organizations develop their overall and issue area-specific theories of change and theories of action, designing new strategies for investment portfolios, improving organizational alignment, and ensuring effective governance.
  • Launch new philanthropic organizations - Helping philanthropists achieve their vision by supporting the design of new philanthropic entities or projects—including foundations, limited liability companies, public-private partnerships, hosted philanthropic initiatives, and multi-donor collaborative platforms—encompassing strategy design, theory of change, and operating model.
  • Design major “big bets” - Developing the strategy and implementation plan for major marquee philanthropic initiatives that are deploying significant capital focused on a targeted problem or issue area.
  • Develop corporate purpose strategies - Partnering with companies to implement strategies and initiatives that increase the social impact of their core business—and in the process, motivating employees, identifying and minimizing risk, and increasing their competitiveness.
  • Improve the performance of high-priority grantees - Working directly with the grantees of our foundation partners to support them in transforming their strategies, organizational models, governance models, and operations.
  • Launch multi-donor initiatives - Helping philanthropies partner with other donors or funders in order to amplify the scale of their impact and designing the strategies, operating models, and governance models of major philanthropic collaboratives that pool capital or facilitate strategic alignment among multiple donors.
  • Evaluate impact - Helping establish processes for sound measurement and evaluation, and determining impact through a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not
  • Strengthen governance - Helping philanthropic organizations strengthen their board structure, processes, and composition to ensure sound, strategic oversight.
Economic Development

Globally, more than 600 million people aged 15 to 24 are not in education, employment, or training, and 75 million young people are trained but have no job. In the next decade, more than 1 billion young people will enter the labor market, 90 percent in developing countries.

At the same time, half of all current work activities are already automatable. New opportunities will emerge, but in different companies, sectors, and geographies. Global economies need to deliver jobs at a five-times faster pace, while ensuring sustainability and an equitable distribution.

We help organizations plan for this transition and unprecedented pace of change, launching tailored programs to accelerate innovation and drive job creation, growth, and resilience, increasing the economic and social prosperity of citizens and creating employment opportunities for the next generation of job seekers.

What we do

  • Sector and cluster development - Identifying which sectors, clusters, and enablers to focus on for inclusive economic growth at national, regional, and city level.
  • Decision support through advanced analytics - Developing analytical and organizational capabilities to ensure governments make evidence-based, informed policy decisions.
  • Future of work - Fostering adoption of emerging digital and AI technologies, establishing human capital development systems, and reforming social protection programs.
  • Investments - Helping governments design incentives, processes, and organizational strategies to increase private investments in their country.
  • Trade and partnerships - Developing international trade partnerships, facilitating trade negotiations, and identifying frameworks to support export development and improve the trade balance.
  • Entrepreneurship - Designing strategies, identifying initiatives, and supporting programs to foster start-up creation and increase the number of subject matter experts.
  • Innovation - Fostering research and development, and creating an ecosystem that converts ideas and patents into innovative commercial applications.
  • Government delivery - Designing or improving delivery systems and units to accelerate implementation and create a performance-oriented culture, enabling governments to deliver their strategies.
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