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Offering A Lifeline In Syria To Those In Need.

Active Project

After more than 12 years of crisis in Syria, humanitarian needs are at their highest levels ever.

Little progress has been made to reach a political solution to this crisis, with millions of Syrian refugees forcibly displaced in neighbouring countries and around 6.8 million internally displaced in the country left with few options, struggling under immense and growing challenges.

Despite the staggering needs inside Syria and among refugees and their host communities in neighbouring countries, the crisis has sadly slipped into the shadows. Even though this is still considered to be the world’s largest displacement crisis, the situation has largely dropped out of the news agenda.

Inside Syria, even before the deadly earthquake more than 15 million people – over two-thirds of the population – required humanitarian assistance. The earthquake exacerbated the perilous situation for millions of vulnerable Syrians, creating a crisis within a crisis.

Neighbouring countries mainly Türkiye, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt have generously hosted Syrian refugees for more than a decade. These host countries need the support of the international community to continue providing safety and protection to Syrian refugees while they navigate their own economic challenges.

Fijishi’s initiative to address the emergency

We are providing life-saving humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees, helping the most vulnerable with cash for medicine and other basic necessities, stoves and fuel for heating, insulation for tents, thermal blankets and winter clothing. We are also helping refugees with access to clean water and sanitation. For those who have been displaced but remain in Syria, we are providing shelter kits and household items as well as protection services and psychosocial support.

To ensure a coordinated response in the main refugee-hosting countries, we are working to support national efforts in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Türkiye.

Under the initiative, Fijishi is working to support Syrian refugees in many ways, including enabling access to education, providing cash assistance to afford basics like food and medicine, increasing access to primary health care and hospital treatment and livelihoods support. In addition, we are helping to address the most common protection risks, such as gender-based violence and strengthening local systems and their ability to deliver services to host communities and refugees who live side-by-side.

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