Help us keep our community safe


Help us keep our community safe

Fijishi Responsible Disclosure Policy.

What is Responsible Disclosure?

At Fijishi, we take the security of our systems seriously and follow industry-level best practices to make our websites and apps a safe place for customers to discover and purchase products. We value the work done by security researchers in keeping the online community safe. We encourage this community to participate in a responsible reporting process in case they identify a potential vulnerability in our systems by sharing the details of the vulnerability scenario in a confidential manner as detailed below. We will work closely with them to investigate and take action swiftly to correct the issues.

How to report a security issue?

If you would like to report a security vulnerability on any of our websites or apps, we request you to contact us immediately by sending an email to with the necessary details to recreate the vulnerability scenario. This may include screenshots, videos or simple text instructions. If you intend to make the information public, please give us reasonable time to appropriately fix the problem before making such information public. Our security team will work with you to estimate and commit to such time frame.

If the identified vulnerability can be used to potentially extract information of our customers or systems, or impair our systems’ ability to function normally, then please refrain from actually exploiting such a vulnerability. This is absolutely necessary for us to consider your disclosure a responsible one. While we appreciate the inputs of whitehat hackers, we may take legal recourse if the identified vulnerabilities are exploited for unlawful gains or getting access to restricted customer or system information or impairing our systems.


We do not have a bounty/cash reward program for such disclosures, but we express our gratitude for your contribution in different ways. For genuine ethical disclosures, we would be glad to publicly acknowledge your contribution in the Hall of Fame section on our website with your permission.

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